Tuesday, July 29, 2014

emailing with the tattooed quilter..

are you ready for your weekly dose of "emailing with the tattooed quilter?"  this week my special guest is lindsay from the ground-breaking, quilty t-shirt brand patchwork threads.

i discovered patchwork threads on, yes, you guessed it, instagram.  stop reading for one minute and google t-shirts for quilters.  did you see what interesting images come up? patchwork threads is a game changer.  their designs are relevant, colorful, and affordable.

not a huge fan of graphic t's, i finally caved and purchased my very own.  i felt like the coolest guy on the block.  the t-shirts are american made and screen printed locally in southwest virginia (not far from where i grew up).  

everyone should own a piece of the patchwork threads collection.  and lindsay, if you're reading this, can you please create some hoodies, sneakers, and tote bags for the fall?  we'll all thank you later!

here's what lindsay had to say...

TQ:  When did you first start quilting and who taught you? 
PT:  When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my mom asked if I wanted to go with her to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  Expecting to see a bunch of “grandma” looking things, I was completely in awe of all of the beautiful quilts I saw there.  Right there, that day, I bought a sewing machine, some Amy Butler fabric, and went to work making my first quilt.  It was completely finished in two days and I was HOOKED.

TQ:  Was your first quilting experience traditional or modern? 
PT:  Traditional with more modern fabrics.  Just rectangles and stitch in the ditch.

TQ:  What or who inspires you in our quilting community? 
PT:  Everyone!  I love seeing what everyone is working on via blogs and Instagram.

TQ:  When was the first time you let your hair down and just created without being concerned about perfection? 
PT:  This is me every time.  I’m never really concerned with perfection, just the act of sewing, pressing, cutting, etc. makes me happy.  And I always enjoy snuggling under the final product.  I do get picky about my tension when it comes to long-arm quilting and with choosing color combos though.

TQ:  What’s been your proudest quilting moment? 
PT:  I’m just proud when my seams line up and I manage to make a perfect point.  Haha.

TQ:  What’s your favorite snack (food and drink) to have when quilting? 
PT:  I’m addicted to Starbucks Mochas.  Decaf, non-fat milk, with whip.

TQ:  What’s your favorite color to work with? 
PT:  I can’t seem to stay away from pink.

TQ:  What’s your favorite pattern (fabric or block)? 
PT:  There’s no way I could ever choose.  My taste is always changing and there’s always something new!  I do enjoy working on my Farmer’s Wife blocks, which I paper piece.  I like the fact that I can finish a “project” (although on a very small scale -  just a 6” block) from start to finish in a relatively short amount of time.

TQ:  How do you prefer to organize your stash (by color, pattern, etc.)? 
PT:  I organize by color and I fold everything just like Jeni Baker.  She posted some great videos a long time ago about how she folds and organizes her fabric.  I copied her and have been doing it that way ever since.  I keep it all in an IKEA bookshelf behind glass doors so I can look at it all the time.

TQ:  What’s your favorite time of day to quilt? 
PT:  Any time I can manage to squeeze it in, usually during the baby’s nap.  I don’t get as much free time during the summer since the kids are out of school and unfortunately, I’m just not very good at staying up late.

TQ:  What’s your favorite quilting book or magazine? 
PT:  There are so many good ones, but I have been most inspired recently by Quilting with a Modern Slant by Rachel May.

and now for the non-quilty part...

TQ:  What’s your favorite non-quilting color? 
PT:  Blues and greys.  Pink, too.

TQ:  What’s your favorite meal? 
PT:  Every Friday night, my husband and I have “date night.”  We eat Chinese take-out in front of the TV after the kids go to sleep.  Favorite night, favorite meal.  Belgian waffles with berries, whipped cream and nuts is up there too.

TQ:  What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
PT:  I’ve done so many embarrassing things it’s hard to choose.  This one time when I was learning to cut hair, I was practicing on my friend and didn’t check which shears I was holding and cut a huge chunk out of her hair instead of texturizing it.  I almost passed out… fixed it though. :) I’d like to say I learned my lesson and never did it again, but I actually did the same thing to my own bangs a few months ago.  Ha!  Don’t trim your bangs while exhausted.

TQ:  What’s been your proudest non-quilting moment? 
PT:  It’s pretty cliché but my kids make me proud all the time.

TQ:  What’s one random thing viewers might not know about you? 
PT:  I am a licensed cosmetologist.

TQ:  What did you study in school? 
PT:  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I used to want to be an art teacher.  I never finished school, though.

TQ:  What’s your favorite non-quilting book or magazine? 
PT:  I subscribe to a lot of interior design magazines.  I love architecture and daydreaming about building our next home.
TQ:  We have so much in common!

TQ:  What’s your favorite music/song? 
PT:  I’ve been listening to a lot of Real Estate and Local Natives lately.  And Lithium - the 90’s/grunge station on Sirius-XM is always on in my car.

TQ:  Because I love the theatre, what’s your favorite Broadway show? 
PT:  This is embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen Annie and it was for my ninth birthday.
TQ:  Shame on you!  But Annie is one of my favorites!

TQ:  f you could travel anywhere in the world with non-budget restraints, where would it be? 
PT:  I have four: Alaska, Arizona, Australia and New Zealand.

me, rockin' my make it tee

do you love patchwork threads?  now's your chance to score a free t-shirt and patchwork heart print!  in four sentences or less, tell me about your all-time favorite t-shirt and why in the comment section below.  lindsay and i will pick a winner* on august 5th.  good luck.

this is the cutest...ever!

cut, sew, repeat...
the tattooed quilter

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  1. I love my Patchwork Heart tee and the next one I want is the Wonky tee. I think as quilters, we can get obsessed with perfect points, perfect seams, everything. Life is wonky and we need to embrace that in every aspect.

  2. My all-time favorite shirt was a uniform shirt from a bagel place where I once worked. The front was blank but the back had a piece of toast holding a knife, a circle cut out of his middle, shouting, "I AM A BAGEL!" Bageltoast still cracks me up several years on, but his determination to be what he wants to be - and not necessarily what he's expected to be - is kind of inspiring.

  3. My all-time favorite is a tough one because I'm a t-shirt girl and I have a few that I love to death (and they look like it too). My favorite right now is the oversized Diet Coke shirt that I bought at the Coca Cola store in Las Vegas on my 50th birthday. I'm a complete DC addict so it's only fitting that I sleep in a DC shirt every night. Thanks for the great give away!

  4. PS. I'm not kissing up so I can win *wink wink*...just wanted to tell you I loved another great interview. It's fun getting to know some of the people who rock this quilting community!!

  5. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl so my favorite is whatever I'm wearing today! (If you want a better story, then my favorites were my stolen Led Zeppelin concert shirts!) Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I am a T-shirt girl all the way! Picking my all time favorite tee is tough but I think it would be my grey Millikin tee. It's my alma mater and the t-shirt is grey and the "Millikin" text is blue. The t-shirt is so worn I almost can't wear it anymore, it's 8 years old now. (I just shed a tear, because I'm getting old) :)

  7. My all-time favorite t-shirt would have to be my marathon t-shirt. I did well running in it and it was a good reminder of it.

  8. My husband was away on business on Mother's Day. He picked my gift up at a BAR in MO! It said "in dog years, I've only had one". He thought he would be in trouble but I love my dog, love beer and loved that shirt.

  9. My fave tee of all time is a very faded green tee with a butterfly batik-ed on the chest in yellow, purple, orange and white. I got it at the Big Cypress Phish festival back on the millennium when I was having the time of my life with friends who 14 years later I am still lucky enough to count as important people in my life. This shirt represents my youth, freedom, great times, and my love of live music...all the things that make me feel like me (and now, I add quilting to that mix!). buffy (at) dblawoffices (DOT) com

  10. My current favorite tee shirt is bright orange and states "Venture Forth" in beautiful, unique font. It also says "#TTDL", which stands for Things To Do Lancaster, which is a company based in my hometown of Lancaster, PA that promotes local events happening around town. I love the phrase "venture forth" since I am someone who loves to travel and explore new places, the soft material of the shirt, and the fact that it represents my hometown, which is now three states away but formed me into the person that I am today.

    Great interview. Thanks for the chance to enter! Smklein27 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  11. Day late a dollar short, as they say! But I wanted to make sure I let you know how much I enjoyed the interview and love patchwork thread tees (and *gasp* I'm not even a quilter!)

    I have a slew of favorite tees- but most of them don't actually look like t-shirts anymore!