quilt local: finding inspiration in the everyday...

designer, quilter, and one amazingly talented friend, heather jones' debut book:  quilt local:  finding inspiration in the everyday gives us 20 new quilts (40 all together with her different variations) inspired by the world around her.  her book tour, which officially started at the beginning of the month is off to a great start and i couldn't be more honored to be today's stop!

her book (with a beautifully written forward by denyse schmidt) challenges us to think about our surroundings through a different lens.  from the beginning of the design process to the finished product, heather's book digs deeper and helps us fully understand how to translate our new found inspiration into a beautiful work of art.  the book, broken up into two parts, also covers color theory and basic quilt construction.

i love heather's four simple everyday-habits of finding and organizing your inspiration.  the third habit, being open to surprising sources of inspiration is my favorite.  let yourself go!

new york city, the city that never sleeps, provides a plethora of everyday inspiration.  heather's quilt "caesar creek" reminds me of something i see multiple times a day--subway station tile.  the three center blocks can also been seen as windows of a subway car or floors of a high-rise in midtown.  she's right!  when you start viewing your surroundings differently, you start to see simple and unique quilt shapes come to life.

i first discovered heather while searching for modern quilt patterns.  i immediately fell in love with her graphic, large scale quilts.  heather was also a guest on my series, "emailing with the tattooed quilter" where i learned her husband was an artist.  i had the privilege of seeing his work during his first new york city show.  like her quilts, his work is distinct and thought provoking.

"shellshock" inspired by one of his paintings is another one of my favorites from the book.  when looking at the quilt, i see sunsets, sand dunes and endless summer.  adjusting heather's pattern, i made a smaller version of "shellshock" in deep, rich cool colors.  my inspiration comes from the many bridges in new york city.  these cold, steel structures connect the boroughs high above the hudson and east rivers where their waters are dark and mysterious.  this color palette can also be a cold, dreary winter day--the calm moment right before the seasons biggest snow storm.

i've also made two mini versions of her quilt pattern "anni" which is very similar to "homage" and when mixing print and color, the feeling and emotion of the quilt has a different meaning.

heather's quilt blog tour continues through out the rest of october into the beginning of november.  feel free to follow the links below to see what other's think of heather's fabulous new book!

p.s.  heather is someone i really respect and look up to in our small, but large quilting community.  her perspective is refreshing.  and if it ever happens, i hope heather will write the forward in my book.

you can win a copy of heather's book!  please leave a comment below telling me about the local places that inspire you!  u.s. participants only.  a winner will be selected on 11/13 at 8 p.m.

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