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a couple of weeks ago, the very lovely folks at art gallery fabrics so graciously asked me if i wanted to create something with katarina roccella's newest collection--imprint.  after browsing through her look-book, i couldn't say no.  i chose to create with a combination of her gloss and laguna color ways.  they're so pretty and versatile.

i hardly ever have a finished size in mind, i simply start cutting and build the quilt as i go.  for this one, i started with 2-1/2" wide strips of each print and coordinating elements solid.  i ended each strip with a 2-1/2" wide coordinating elements solid.  when pinned on my design wall the strips started to feel like sunrise and sunset, tall skyscrapers, or even a water reflection.  that's what i love about art and being inspired--it's totally subjective.

i mentioned to my boyfriend, jack that i wanted the two sides to be split with a color.  he suggested creating the tiny patchwork strip, which worked out perfectly.  those patchwork pieces are 1-1/2" wide with a 1-1/2" coordinating elements solid on each side.

using light grey aurifil thread, i straight line quilted 1" apart and then in between i matchstick quilted random sections.  because my straight lines were a bit wonky, the movement this created is mesmerizing.  i love how quilting brings your piecing to life.

my mind started racing with all the ideas for this piece.  how amazing would this be as a wall hanging complete with tassels?  or a table runner for your favorite vintage table?  you could even add two additional sections of each color way and create a throw.  it's limitless and that's why i love katarina's new collection.  it's perfect as a collection, basics for your stash, or blenders for your next project.

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