april rhodes banner adventure swap

it's no secret, i'm a huge fan of april rhodes!  a recent licensed fabric designer for art gallery fabrics, her fabric collections are very fresh, unique, and the color palettes are so dreamy.  arizona, wanderer, and her newest collection, bound, tell a beautiful story.  a journey.  an adventure.

a few weeks ago, kerry (@kidgiddy) asked me to join her in hosting an april rhodes' swap and i couldn't stay no!  kerry and i have known each other through instagram (isn't social media amazing?!) for some time and she's super sweet and one of the most talented fabric artists i know.  she has an adorable book called, "sewing tales, to stitch and loveand is now a licensed sizzix designer.  i can't wait to meet her, she's an absolute inspiration.

we brainstormed a few ideas (through email, of course-it's the 2015 board room) and both agreed that we wanted this to be something completely different.  we wanted something that was unique to april's style.  we loved the idea of a banner swap that included pieces that represent aprils' aesthetic.  sounds really fun, huh?!  so, if you want to join us on this awesome adventure, please read the details.  signs up are available through the link below too.

  1. you MUST use april rhodes fabrics from art gallery fabrics.  it can be fabric from any of her lines, but only her lines, and must be pieced or appliqued, and quilted where applicable.
  2. size requirements:  this is for a banner - not a mini quilt.  it must be a rectangle no larger than 8" x 16".  it can be vertical or horizontal. 
  3. you MUST incorporate one of the following: feathers, yarn, leather, etc. (think april rhodes).
  4. because it is a banner - it must be able to hang, so it MUST contain a way to hang it.  think driftwood, rod or other cool factor.
  5. we have decided to not allow extras.  no candy, supplies, etc. with your banner.  we feel this will require all participants to focus on the banner itself and really put in their best effort.  not to mention cost of shipping (overseas) can be crazy.

by participating you agree to the following:

  1. you MUST post 2 progress photos on IG during the swap.  (there will be 2 mandatory times, but extra pics are ok.) 
  2. you MUST post 1 final photo on IG PRIOR to shipping.  (make it your best photo - there's a reason for this!)
  3. you MUST ship swap packages by november 30th for international and december 7th within the US.
  4. we will be using the following hashtags (if you'd like your projects seen and shared, please be sure to use these hashtags):  #banneradventureswap #boundfabricsadventure #aprilrhodes #boundfabrics
  5. tag @kidgiddy, @the_tattooed_quilter and @aprilrhodes in the comment sections so we can see your photos.  if you don't, we may not see them and only those that follow you will. we want everyone to get to know each other, so please share likes and comments through these hashtags.

this is a three way secret swap, because fun secrets are always the best secrets.  you will get a swap partner, and someone else will get you. 

if you sign up for this swap, please keep your commitment to deliver as you say you would.  no one wants to feel like their partner didn't care enough to send their package.  i know life can get busy and hectic, so please keep in touch with us (or your moderator) so we can make sure your partner is not shafted in the end.  if you do not communicate appropriately AND do not fulfill your end of the swap, you will be banned from all future swaps (and added to the black list). communication is very important!

sign ups will be open from september 8th - september 12th (or until we have reached 150 participants) and hope to have partners assigned by the week of september 18th.  please use your best judgement when shipping packages and please consider insurance and tracking!

so if your fabric stashed is packed and you're seriously ready to join us, please fill out the survey in the link below.  but don't wait too long.  the flight only seats 150 and you don't want to miss out on all the fun with april, kerry and i!!

9/18 update:  the signups have now closed, stay tuned for updates on this journey!

cut, sew, repeat...

the tattooed quilter