book review: the upcycled t-shirt

one of the benefits of our community is meeting awesome people.  awesome people like jenelle montilone (TrashN2Tees)!  she's genuine, smart, pretty darn funny, and lives (as she says in an email to me) "63 miles" away.  while we've never met (yet!) i've been following her adventure as she saves the planet, one t-shirt at a time!

her book, the upcycled t-shirt, 28 easy-to-make projects that save the plant from c and t publishing is on bookstands now.  she gives readers tips and tricks on how to turn your discarded t-shirts into pretty awesome upcycled apparel, accessories, home decor, and many more.  i learned that "11.1 million tons of textiles are discarded each year in the united states."  and that "the average person in the united states throws nearly 70 pounds of clothing into our landfills every single year."  wow!  in 2012, jenelle launched a clothing recycling program to collect discarded t-shirts and "diverted more than 72 tons of clothing (over 400,000 t-shirts) from our landfills."

the projects in her book are awesome!  she walks readers through the basics like the terms to know, the tools to use, the stitches that work best, and how to customize your fabrics.  she also shares her knowledge on sewing with knits, which from my experience, was not that fun.  but she makes it so easy!  i love the triangle t-shirt quilt and circle pillow!

so, how can we help?  jenelle is looking for volunteers to help make the world's largest ball of t-shirt yarn!  her master plan is to set the world record!  to join in the fun, simply follow the instructions in this video and mail your t-shirt yarn to jenelle:  jenelle montilone, p.o. box 754, bloomsbury, ny, 08804.  

jenelle says, "at the core of everything i do is education and empowerment.  this community event (that you're helping make happen) demonstrates two things:  how easy and fun it is to up cycle, and what an amazing impact we can have together."  i couldn't agree more!  so what are you waiting for?  grab those t-shirts and start cutting!  later this year, she's going to wrap the t-shirt ball in public where it will be judged and with our help, become the world's largest ball of t-shirt yarn!  yay!  after the world record is made, jenelle plans to tour with her awesome book and the world's largest t-shirt ball.

visit for more information!  you can also buy a copy of the book here!

(photos courtesy of c and t publishing.)


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