heartland fabrics...

the lovely and oh, so talented amy friend of during quiet time asked me to join her and several other fabulous makers for the heartland fabrics blog tour.  of course, i couldn't say no.  who could resist working with these beautiful fabrics?

heartland fabrics by pat bravo for art gallery fabrics is one of my favorites from pat, creative director of AGF.  with almost 40 collections in her portfolio, pat's signature florals and smart use of color shine in this scandinavian inspired collection.

i'm obsessed with her pine-tree daybreak print!  doesn't it feel like a wintery vacation in the mountains?  that's exactly what inspired my mini quilt.  wonky log cabin blogs framed in art gallery's signature pure elements solid snow.  it's so dreamy.  i'm picturing a vacation of skiing, hot cocoa by the fire, lots of laughter, snuggles under a big wool blanket, and tons of cozy sweaters.  pack your bags and let's go!

wonky log cabin blocks are so much fun.  and placing them off-set in the background really draws attention to the details of pat's prints.  in addition to pure elements snow and pine-tree daybreak, i used unn cross pine, and liten daisy field.  each block, after trimming, comes out to 6.5'' finished.  the perfect size to highlight these wintery warm prints.  and if you prefer brighter colors, never fear, the heartland collection comes in additional colors too.

what would you make with pat's latest collection?  

yesterday, stephanie from spontaneous threads shared her amazing wearable quilt with you, but be sure to check out these other awesome maker's from last week and this week:

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november 14:  stephanie  
november 15:  christopher (me!)
november 16:  kerry  
november 17:  nichole
november 18:  krista

i also love amy's quilt she designed as part of the tour, check it out here!

cut, sew, repeat...

the tattooed quilter

p.s.  a huge thanks to my lovely model, julianne!  couldn't do it without her!