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okay, so its no secret that i love all things blue and april rhodes' newest collection, observer is no exception.

when i first saw her latest for art gallery fabrics, i knew it was love at first sight. it has the perfect shades of blue, white, and khaki. and those metallic paint drops on speck stardust is soo good!

i met april some time ago on instagram (it's like for quilters, haha!!) and then almost a year ago at fall quilt market in houston. she's genuine, thoughtful, and one of the kindest ladies i've met (not to mention one hell of a designer).

when she sent me the new line, i immediately jumped up and down, threw it in the air, and screamed a little (maybe a lot!). i took some time and thought about what i wanted to make. so many things came to mind, but i really wanted to explore and experiment.

i started out making the sawtooth traditional quilt block, then moved to the wonky sawtooth quilt blocks, then finally landed on a wonky rectangle block.

placed on random angles, i sewed one solid rectangle to two different size background blocks. once trimmed, your angle becomes the corner triangle.

for my solid, i used vanessa christenson's beautiful blue ombre fabric. i love the texture this adds to april's collection. i added the mesh with me in olive as a contrasting "pop." reflecting on what i had created so far, i knew i wouldn't be able to stop. this quilt is going to grow and i'm very excited about it!

i also made a 12'' mini highlighting my favorite denim blue prints from april's collection. this half square triangle (HST) block is a great way to highlight your favorite prints. and to mix it up a bit, i kept one HST simple, using one observer print and a chambray from the denim studio by agf.

i kept the quilting simple, following the diagonal lines the blocks created. i added wonky curvy lines to resemble a birds-eye view of the rivers and streams seen between canyons and mountains. i love the speck bronze metallic as the binding, seeing repeat through the layers give the binding some attitude!

i loved sharing my journey with you today and hope you'll check out the other awesome bloggers sharing april's new line.

you can find out more by visiting april's blog.

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