the denim studio by agf

earlier this year, i had the privilege of hosting the first blog tour for the denim studio by art gallery fabrics.  since then, art gallery fabrics has released new prints, colors, and fabrications to this already awesomely curated collection of denim blues.  sarah, from sariditty homemade, is our fabulous host for this tour and i'm up first.

inspired by amy sinibaldi of nana company's #asdesignchallenge, i decided to embrace the perfectly imperfect and create not one, but two mini quilts with some of my favorites from the new collection.  the new denim prints: vice versa, fading dartsrosebud falls, arctic avens, combined with the super soft outland yarns solids in white, rose feather, deep ocean, and endless paradise make the most delicious combination.  but seriously, they're all perfect together!

amy's design challenge was perfect for these minis.  a large block really let's the fabrics shine!  for the one mini, i made 10.5'' half-triangles, offset in the background with organic straight-line machine quilting and embellished with hand-quilting.  for the second mini, i made 8.5'' half-triangles, lined up with each other and organic straight-line machine quilting.  i love the combination of the denim prints with the outland yarns solids.  there's just something really delicate and light with these came together.

trust me, creating something perfectly imperfect is hard.  i always strive to accurately piece, starch if necessary, and only press, not iron (oh how i love to iron).  but there was something magically about letting go and organically letting these two minis shine on their own.  just like any art medium, it's subjective, but what i love is the romantic story these two pieces tell.  anyway you hang them, there's something new and sweet to explore.

i hope you'll follow along this week, there's so many more awesome designs coming your way!

monday- christopher, that's me!

tuesday - nicole

wednesday - sarah

thursday - jenn

friday - mathew

follow along on instagram using the hashtag #AGFdenimtour2point0 and #thedenimstudiobyAGF

{a special thanks to my lovely model, Ashley!}

cut, sew, repeat...

the tattooed quilter

horizon memory craft 9400 review...

hi y'all.

many of you know my quilting history, but i don't think i've ever told anyone about how i went about acquire my first "big boy" sewing machine.

here's the story.

i had just discovered the modern quilting movement and knew i would need a sewing machine to match my new found obsession.  i started my research by seeing what brands quilters were using.  as you can imagine, it was mixed.  one name, however, was out pacing everyone--janome.  so with a little more research (that included reading hundreds of reviews), i knew janome was for me.  knowing i wanted a machine with little to no extra features, i started to narrow down the models.  and there she was, the DC2012--the brand's beginner-esq model.  compact, computerized, and lightweight, it was the perfect introduction into the world of modern sewing and quilting.  to this day, she still purrs like a kitten.

fast forward to today and janome is still one of my favorite sewing machine brands.  the janome horizon memory craft 9400 is no exception.  designed with the quilter in mind, this machine is a dream with features like a sizable sewing bed, modern design, and other top of the line key features.  janome's accu feed (TM) is worth it's weight in gold!  they've added additional white bright LED lighting so you can see your projects more clearly, it's super quiet, and even comes with it's own sewing table (woohoo!).

to make your own "boo cave" 14'' x 14'' mini quilt you need the following:

  • (4) shades of orange in either fat quarters or scraps.  i used kona solids.
  • (1) half yard for the background fabric and backing.
  • (1) fat quarter for the binding.
  • (1) 16'' x 16'' piece of batting.
  • (1) matching thread.
  • (1) package of tiny wooden halloween bats.  i purchased mine from michael's.

cutting and piecing:

  1. cut the orange fabric into various size strips from 1- 1/2'' to 3'' wide by at least 4 1/2'' long.
  2. mixing the shades and sizes, sew the strips together on an angle.
  3. trim 1/4'' seam allowance and press the seams to one side.
  4. continue sewing the strips together, alternating the angle until you've sewn 9 together.
  5. trim, making a 3-1/2'' x 9-1/2'' rectangle.  you need (5).
  6. sew the rectangles together.
  7. cut and sew (1) 5-1/2'' x 14'' rectangle to the left side of you strip blocks.
  8. add backing and batting, finish as desired.

i attached the spooky bats with fabric glue after adding the quilting and binding.  isn't this cute?

i hope you've enjoyed my review of the janome horizon memory craft 9400 and my fun halloween tutorial.  for more information on the machine, visit janome online or your local janome dealer today!

cut, sew, repeat...

the tattooed quilter

p.s.  the sewing machine i used is on loan from my friend at janome.  all views and opinions expressed are my own, but i highly recommend janome and their wide array of products.