Seasonal Basics...

me: Knock, knock.

you: Who’s there?

me: Boo.

you: Boo who?

me: Stop crying. I’m sharing a new (work-in-progress) project with you!

Okay, I know, I know. I’m terrible at jokes. But how fun are Riley Blake Designs Seasonal Basics? Seasonal Basics is a curated collection of holiday favorites included some new additions from Lori Holt.

I decided to work with the Halloween Basics. Those include Halloween Gunny Sack, 1/8’’ Halloween Stripe, Halloween Pin Dot, and a Halloween mix of Shades Basics. There is also a Christmas and Americana Basics collection. While these are great mixed in with your favorite holiday collections as a coordinate, they’re also amazing on their own!

I purchased PrimRose Cottage Quilt’s Pumpkins on Parade table runner pattern and with a little math and some foundation paper piecing, I added my own twist to the pumpkins. I reached out the Lindsey, the owner of PrimRose Cottage Quilts to get her permission and guess what, she loved it! Yay.

I love how the Halloween Basics really pop against the Shades Basics. Shades adds so much depth to those little pumpkins. Aren’t they the cutest?

I’m hoping to finish this project over the weekend, so stay tuned for an update, including photos! Be sure to check out RBD’s blog for additional Seasonal Basics inspiration throughout the month of July!

cut, sew, repeat…

the tattooed quilter