Blossom NEW Colors...

Drum roll please…

I’m excited to announce that your favorite Riley Blake Designs basic, Blossom, designed by yours truly is launching 16 new colors this fall. That’s right, 16! Yay!

Releasing in October, these new colors layer nicely into the existing range. From lemon zest to raspberry, the rainbow just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Eeeeep, I’m so excited!

There are also two new color combinations: All the Pink and Uncle Sam. All the Pink features a range of RBD’s amazing pink colors while Uncle Sam features a nod to Americana with traditional red, white, and blue colors. You’re going to love them!

With only a small strike-off of each color, I used Alison Glass’s Trinket Quilt Pattern to make these adorable blocks. Blossom pairs perfectly with RBD’s Confetti Cottons as well as the other wonderful basics RBD offers.

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Check out the Blossom New Color lookbook for detailed photographs of the new colors.

Shop owners, contact your RBD sales representative today to order the new colors.

And don’t forget, Blossom now comes in wide-backs too! Check those out here.

cut, sew, repeat…

the tattooed quilter